Professional Clothing Ideas For Young Stylish Smart Women's


Professional Clothing Ideas For Young Stylish Smart Women's

Office days are of two kinds one is the best type, and the other is the worst. We all know that the latter holds true for most people! Especially Mondays are dreaded days for fashionistas. However, some love their Mondays.

Too much of fashion may turn into a horrid situation. That lesson has gone down well with us! Do you get up on Mondays and sing praises to it? Well now just chill, let’s use Mondays to put some joy in your being. You love the last minute picking off a usual combo and run. Very interesting! This post is not for you.

But on the other hand, you keep running everywhere on Mondays. Later come to terms with the news that ‘In reality, I don’t have any stuff to wear.’ If this is what you are facing, then this post is for you-you alone, although your partner might disagree.

Jobs and offices are no longer the ordinary ones. In India youth love to experiment with traditional and western looks. It seems to be in their psyche. Women in senior positions that directly deal with customers prefer sari. The situation welcomes fashion statements. Go with the flow of trend and add power to your dressing.

But what about the doubt we face every day‘What on earth can I wear?’ The same question bombards every damn week! Hush! Turn on your intelligent side and let’s get busy. The tried methods of dressing might work. Let’s cook up some ways too boring not be!

Work like a charm throughout the week with these seven cute techniques:

1. Classic is the way to go if you want it easy. Any job role demands ‘a not so boring dress code.’ An easy tip is to add a funny accessory or a stand out stuff to the look. Work with details, whether saris, kurtis or it could even be your nails.

2. Business or casual image. It’s also called ‘Am I wearing jeans at work look?’ And it has good potential. Clever way is to add stylish footwear, bold or girly top like shirts, or made of silk, casual tops. If you are comfortable, add a blazer and a bold looking bag. You can also wear saris. Play with the accessories based on the job.

3. ‘Care not’ look suits for people with a thick skin and passion for fashion. It looks like you don’t care, but to the fashion-experienced crowd it holds up quite well by itself. One tip, though, contrasts the stuff, use opposite shapes like droopy with a tough image or forget gender rules. And, again good shoe comes to your rescue here. A reliable pair of classy, girly shoes matches this image.

4. Glam look is for all the bold women in this world. They love flashy lip color and heels. This look plays hard from morning to late-night parties. A simple tip is adding classy heels. Put on some wearable skirts or trousers, silk tops, high-quality deodorants, branded watches, huge clutches, and a gold necklace.

5. ‘Classy eyes look’ is simple yet requires grooming. Test it with whatever wearable stuff you find. The idea here is to wear a statement yet seek the fashion police in you. Suit your character and work profile. Masculine look alongside sexy footwear, skirts, hats, denim, use anything but blend it with ease. Remember to feel good inside.

6. The womanly look is simple if you love the floral with flirtatious designs and want to look clever. Add little jewelry and try to look professional. If this ‘Chiffon looks’ is not right think twice. Long skirts, stylish blazers, kurtis, heels or flats look perfect. Saris with long saree blouse look fine too! Even a simple Indian dresses design with flats can complete this image.

7. ‘EDGY route’ look is only for the boldest ones. It suits only certain industries. You can also add a little edge to all the above looks. Creative fields welcome the edge. Try T-shirts, nail-art, sports shoes, leather, boots and dark color on lips. The tip is to blend simplicity with the statement.

Some more tips for the women in India. Too long or block heels don’t suit offices! Covered toes like flats are good. For business women carrying a trendy looking leather purse or case is a blessing.

Share this informative office fashion piece with friends by clicking the share button. Add your styles and opinions in the below section. So girls and women what do you plan to wear this week?

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