Decisive Fashion Tips To Look Sleek & Slim In Stunning Indian Dresses


Indian wear is comfortable to wear during all season, and ethnic wears will make you feel relaxed. Indian clothes, especially designer evening gowns online India have to be worn in the right way to enhance your curves and to give you a slim appearance. If you wear the right color, style and certain type of clothes, then you are sure to look slim, trim and perfectly beautiful. 

Today, women are ready to spend money buying fashionable Indian dresses to look outstanding. Some Indian clothes and fabric are lighter to handle. If you are not slim, then you must try out few fashion tips and tricks to make you look sleek.

1.    Carry yourself in straight-fit kurtis – 

Straight fit kurtis will give you a tall and slender ‘look n feel.’ Avoid wearing knee length kurti, and you may choose to wear sleeveless or three-quarter sleeves. Don’t dress up in kurtis with clingy material and it should not be body fitted. The kurtis should cover your hips and tummy. The outfit will surely give you a thin, slender appearance.

2.    Anarkali style suits – 

You must have the Opt for the new Style trending in Anarkali Suits online shopping, an ethnic outfit in your wardrobe. They are suitable for all body shapes. You may try a different style to look stylish. A-line kurtis also flatters heavy body type, and Angrakha churidar is suitable for women with a petite body.

3.    Lingerie with right size and fit – 

The undergarments you wear will determine how well you portray yourself in Indian outfits. Most Indian outfits are designed to render a slender look. Therefore, you must choose an undergarment that enhances your body shape. You can try some tummy tucker and body shaper lingerie. It can give you the defined shape. If you have sagging breast, make sure you wear the right size bra to hold breasts in position.

4.    Choose solid colors – 

Solid colors and borders are designed to trim you down in looks. Avoid wearing too much zari and sequin works because these types of apparel can make you appear heavy. Indian designer gowns in black and navy blue color are an apt option. Never choose bright colors as it will highlight your flaws.

5.    Long sleeve blouse – 

If your shoulders are broad, never choose puffed sleeves. If your arms are fat, you cannot wear sleeveless. You must grab sleeves with at least 5 inches to hide the fat flabs of your arms. Three-quarter sleeves will also suit women with heavy body shape. With lehengas, you may wear choli with long sleeves. Sleeves will make your arm look thin.

6.    Dress in salwars –

If you want to appear thin in an Indian outfit, you can pair them with narrow salwars. They should fit perfectly and shouldn’t be too loose. Instead of Patiala dresses, you can choose churidars to wear. Patialas are a right option for short people and flatter the heavy figure.

7.    Choosing Sari – 

Saree is an Indian apparel that can offer you a slim appearance, but you must avoid wearing chiffon sarees. It is best to choose silk and crepe. The underskirt should hug your curves, and it shouldn’t be shapeless like a sack. Underskirt provides the outline for your sari, so it should be a shaped one. The sari should reach floor covering, your footwear. Sarees should be draped correctly by taking the right number of pleats to show off a woman’s figure.

8.    Select small prints instead of big one – 

Prints on your kurtis, shirt, tops and tunic should remain small. Punjabi dress with small prints is apt for people who wish a thin look. You may wear printed sari, lehenga, and Anarkali to show off the curves. You can grab one easily on this store.

9.    Select the right fabric – 

You should never wear fabrics like Lycra and spandex, you may appear bulky. The body-hugging material should be avoided. Choose free flowing fabrics like cotton, silk, and georgette. Such fabrics will give your body look fit and in good shape. To look thin in Indian clothes avoid wearing horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes are perfect for a taller and slimmer posture.

10.    Accessories – 

You may wear a bracelet watch and sleek bangles for attractive arms and hands. Give your hair a layered cut and leave it open. It will give a slimming effect on the heavy face. Select heels to portray yourself tall and don’t apply bright makeup. 

Indian women complain that most ethnic garments make them appear flabby; however, to have a slender feel you must know what to and how to wear. Therefore, dressing the right way shall make you appear fabulous and in shape.

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