Rock The Indian Traditional Look With Our Top Saree Draping Styles


If you think sarees are old and boring, then these tricks will change your look out towards sarees. This transformation has arrived from top designer and the Bollywood. The Bollywood saree fashion is something which you can’t ignore; gorgeous actresses still choose this drape for their special events. Their love for sarees can be seen in various celebrity parties and events.

India drape is one of the most versatile and exquisite attire in the world. But this traditional attire has gone under transformation, and now there are several ways to wrap your saree. You can look more trendy and fashionable with some twists to your traditional saree.

So, here we have some of the latest trend and styles of making your old style of sarees draping into a fashionable yet classy one:

1.    Dhoti-Fit Sarees

This is something most of you will be confused whether it will look good or not. But dhoti style sarees are the most stylish way of draping your Indian ethnic attire and is now being followed by many fashionistas and divas in Bollywood and runway fashions. You can club it with a blazer or jacket to make it classier.

2.    Nivi-Styled Sarees

Nivi-styled ethnic clothing is usually worn in Andhra Pradesh, but now it is accepted by all the women of different states. So, a well-fitting blouse with vibrant color sarees will make you look as a fashionista or like a celebrity.

3.    Lehenga-Combo Sarees

If it is your wedding or your friend’s wedding and still confused what to wear then don’t worry there are some amazing wedding collections available in the market? If you don’t want to wear typical Indian wedding sari, then the latest option is a lehenga fashioned Indian drape. 

You may get semi-stitched lehenga draping ethnic wear that is very easy to wear, or you may drape your usual saree in lehenga style.

4.    Butterfly-Style Sarees

One of the most elegant and girlish styles of sarees are butterfly style. This is Bollywood’s favorite trend; every celebrity diva must have worn butterfly saree. You may get semi-stitched butterfly saree also. It is the most stylish and sexy attire style in trend now.

5.    Belted Styles Drapes

Want to try something bold and modern then must go for belted style. Wear a simple light weight Indian outfit and team up with a broad belt. This will give you an edgy flair and will add more style to your look. So, make your simple, ethnic style statement and give it a sassy look.

6.    Mumtaz-Styled Drape

The 80’s fashion is still not too old, Mumtaz style drapes are still one of the favorite ensemble styles for most of the fashion divas. The famous actress Mumtaz brought style, and now this has become a retro trend.
Tightly draped in the lower part of the body with multiple wraps will show perfect curves and you can easily flaunt your figure in a most classy way.

7.    Half ‘n’ Half Sarees

So whether it is a festival or a function and you are not ready to wear Indian ensembles then don’t worry you have a brilliant option of not wearing actual Indian drape but getting the similar look. It is comfortable and makes you look slim. You may easily get half draping attire in the market or you may convert your simple saree into a half saree.

8.    Bengali Sarees

Bengali saree is not just a traditional or cultural wear it has now become a style statement. Many Bollywood stars have been spotted wearing this style of saree. In many Bollywood films, you can see this Bengali Indian outfit, films like Devdas, Parineeta, and much more.
So, if you want to try something different and look stunning in the crowd then try out Bengali saree.

9.    Gujarati-Palloo Style Sarees

Another traditional wear are Gujarati sarees, which is now worn commonly by non-Gujaratis also. A heavy saree with broad border and beautifully arranged pallu is a perfect fit for any occasion. Today latest designer saree collection also includes Gujarati-styled attire as it is very much in demand. 

Saree is now more than just a tradition. It has now become a trend, every girl or women would love to look graceful and gorgeous and so, these ethnic drapes are the best attire to give this look. So, whether you are tall or short or slim or to the heavier side you can still try out the different styles mentioned above and have an appealing and ravishing look.

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