Various Kinds of Kurti Sleeve Styles That You May Not Want To Miss Out


With the variety of garments for Indian attires increasing, we have seen a hike in the wearers’ interests towards traditional Indian clothes. Designers today strive to modernize Indian wear to make it more appealing and wearable for women today. When it comes to Kurti, the simple one with 3/4th sleeves kurtis are long gone options. Now, the fashion industry has come with all sorts of sleeve designs to cater to your body type, cloth material, and bottom wear. 

But you don’t have to be confused as to what sleeve style you should opt for because we have taken care of it for you. Here’s list of the most trendy kurti arms, which body type it is best suited on and what bottom-wear does it go best with.

1. Full Sleeves:

The most opted kurti sleeve for women, full sleeve kurti design are the sleeves that go on from the shoulder to the wrist without any alteration in between. It is plain, simple and works with women of all sizes and types. You could choose palazzos or leggings for your bottom wear under long-sleeved kurtas.

2. Cap Sleeves:

A very trendy sleeve, shoulder cap only covers the area around shoulders. It best enhances the look of the attire when worn on a pear shaped body. This Cut sleeves kurti design can be worn with Patiala, salwar or leggings. 

3. Half Sleeves: 

Another popular arm cover is the half sleeve, where the pattern extends from the shoulder to the elbow. The length of this kind of patterned arm could vary and go slightly above or below the elbow. The fitted half cloth on your arm is a great design when worn on a toned arm.

4. Bell Sleeves:

While popular as a sleeve in tops, bell arms are also equally chic when incorporated into an ethnic top. It is fitted to shape at the shoulder, and with the increasing length, the arm pattern gets looser. At the wrist this design is open whereas gathered at the shoulder, giving a look of a bell. The flare of the arm covers looks rather appealing on all body types. The kurtis looks best when worn with narrow pants or fitting leggings. 

5. Bishop Sleeves:

Best for narrow shoulders, bishop pattern is a new addition to the list. The sleeve is full length and loose towards the wrist. The flare of the sleeves is round-fitted at the wrist, giving it a very chic and alluring look. The flare of the covers enables to hide any arm fat that may be, hence making it a hit design for all body types. 

6. Roll up Sleeves: 

This design is inspired by rolled up shirt arms, and it does justice to the kurtis we wear. The fitted arm wraps go on to the elbow or a little below it. The edge of the design is rolled up an inch and secured by a button. You could either safely stitch the edge to the button or roll it up every time you wear it. This sleeve gives a very appealing look to all body types. 

7. Sleeveless: 

Ironically, to go sleeveless is another stylish sleeve idea. A single strap on the shoulder is called sleeveless, leaving no arm covers on the kurti. The shape of these tops could be invariably long, short, flared or fitted when you decide to go sleeveless. The kurta's length and flare determine the bottom wear on this one. This type looks best when worn by ladies with a toned arm.

 8. Dolman Sleeves:

Very much in vogue, the dolman arms are an inspired pattern from the western wear world. Loose around the shoulders; the sleeves are gathered at the elbow and then the flare is left open towards the wrist. This gives the one donning the kurti a very enchanting look. This sleeve looks best when attached to a fitted kurti and worn on leggings or narrow pants. It looks equally attractive on all body types.
With this post, we hope we have updated you with loads of options for Kurti sleeves. With your widened horizons about kurti sleeve designs, you can transform even the most basic ones into stylish fancy Kurti. Say bye bye to basics with the new elegant attires!

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