Different Styles Of Kurtis And Tunic Tops, And Their Various Pairing Options


Kurtis and tunics are included under clothing for women in India. These are loose-fitting clothes that are worn by the ladies on the upper part of the body and are paired with different types of bottom-wear. An assortment of these apparels is available in varied fabrics, prints, styles, and colors. Accessories are also worn to complement one’s look with these outfits. However, your overall appearance should be suited to the type of occasion.

Kurtis – Styles and Types 

There are numerous styles of kurtis, and these include:

1.    Flared-type
2.    Kaftan-like
3.    Princess cut
4.    Pakistani-based
5.    Indo-Western
6.    Angarkha
7.    Asymmetric
8.    Tulip
9.    Overlay
10.  Reversible
11.  Color-block
12.  Long-straight
13.  Floor-length varieties
14.  Dhoti-kind
15.  A-Line
16.  Tail cut
17.  Trail cut
18.  Anarkali style
19.  Shirt-type
20.  Printed ones
21.  High-low
22.  Double-layered
23.  C-cut

Kurtis is paired with a variety of bottoms or garments for the lower bodily portion. These are inclusive of skirts, capris, shorts, pants, shararas, denim pants, leggings, churidar, dhoti salwar, Patiala, Punjabi-style bottom, jeggings, Aladdin-type bottom, cigarette pants, wide-legged trousers, jumpsuits and harem pants.

Tunics – Styles and Categories

Under the tunic category, there are two kinds including:
⦁    Tunic shirts
⦁    Tunic dresses

These tunic-kinds are known to differ in length and are comprised of common fabrics such as cotton, silk or linen. It may also be noted that tunic shirts are small, medium or long. Even the short-sized varieties are longer than the average shirt size, and some of them reach the hips.

The hemline of most tunic dresses is just above the knees. These are light-weight in nature, and can be worn as casual wear or formal wear. Summertime or balmy temperatures are ideal conditions to be comfortable in these clothing-types.

Where tunics are concerned, it is advised to pick the looser and baggier ones as compared to the tighter-fitting varieties. Leggings or tights for the bottom clothing are chosen for balancing the looseness of the top clothing. Skinny jeans and wide-legged flare pants are also commonly adorned with tunic-clothing. Wearing loose-fitting and baggy pants with tunic-wear must be avoided as they can lend a bulky appearance to the lady. The tighter bottom-wear versions stand as a better choice to balance the bagginess of the tunic tops.

The occasion may be formal or informal, kurtis and tunics coupled with appropriate bottom clothing and accessories are deemed suitable for the events. There is a wide choice of plain and patterned varieties to choose from. When planning to go ethnic, the embroidered designs may be considered. For formal gatherings, it may be better to opt for plain or patterned varieties of these tops. Basic colors such as brown, black, gray and off-white in bottom-wear are known to pair well with various shades of kurtis and tunics.

Online-avenues and visiting stores are two options that can be availed for procuring these outfits. Online-based shopping methods are available for patrons looking to select kurti-wear and tunic-wear from a large variety. Buying short kurtis online in India is also possible as a result of browsing the companies on the internet. You can also opt for designer kurtis online. Also, for long Pakistani kurtis online shopping, these e-commerce sites are useful to browse.

A wide assortment of these clothing types is also available, at the stores, for the women-folk to shop from. On their visits to the showrooms, these may be viewed, and the selected ones can be purchased.
Numerous designers are also known to create new designs in kurti-wear and tunic-wear, bearing in mind that the female clientele favors these clothing-types. The latest designer-based varieties are stocked at the stores, and can also be viewed on the internet.

Accessories are an essential part of your overall appearance, and these must be chosen carefully when adorning kurti-tops or tunic tops. A range of jewelry pieces, footwear, and chic handbags are available to accessorize you. These must be chosen, while keeping in mind the occasion-type.

The versatility of these outfit-types is attributable to their soaring popularity. Wide arrays of bottom-clothing are wearable with these tops, thereby adding to its likeability factor, among the women-folk. These dresses can also be gifted to one’s girlfriends or wives, and are sure to be loved by the women-folk due to their fashionable nature. Furthermore, you will be spoiled for choice as a large range of the latest designs are available at stores and websites for catering to different needs and preferences.

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