Fashion Bible For Those Who Want To Reach Sky-Height In Women’s Clothes Designing


Fashion Bible For Those Who Want To Reach Sky-Height In Women’s Clothes Designing
The Proper guideline is required in fashion field if anyone wants to create an exciting career in fashion industry especially in ladies dress designing. But many of us don’t know where to start? And how to get succeed in the most creative field, First of all, we will go through some key points and then we move on to the top international   fashion Colleges where anyone can kick start their study to begin in the brightening field of style and fashion.

⦁    Must  complete your fashion internship first :
This is the kind of field that requires internship first because the practical knowledge is very vital. Even if you have some text-book knowledge but without getting the hand on experience on that, it’s a useless hence search any small tailoring house and start your paid or unpaid internship. It’s a necessary thing to do before you begin your professional studies.
⦁    Don’t look for any quick way to succeed :
Nobody can achieve quick success in the fashion industry and that’s the truth. If you look into the history of fashion world you will come across many big names like Lauren Conrad, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, and Giorgio Armani and much more. They have put their best efforts and spent a whole lot of time to reach the top. Creativity is a key here and to create something exceptional you require exceptional thinking and hard work.
⦁    Active online researches can play the big role to get inspired from other’s creation :
You always need to be proactive in online research for example smartly use search engines, social media, blogs , and many fashion related websites where you get the latest fashion updates. In the road of becoming the fashion designer, these are the things that make you awake all the time.
⦁    Identify your fashion-related goals :
There are so many different fields of studies in fashion industries, you have to choose one particular field in which you feel that you can do the best then go accordingly.
⦁    Don’t hesitate to ask question in any situation :
Being a guy or girl you don’t need to be shy at any instance because this field requires the open minded person who can freely ask the question to anyone then and then you get to know what people are demanding and what type of improvements are require in your creation.

International Top 50 fashion schools, colleges, and universities    :

1.) University of the Arts London (London, England):
Internationally known University from the United Kingdom is offering many short term and long term courses in women’s clothing for national and international students, this is one of the prime universities for fashion aspirants to start their carrier. We have chosen one undergraduate program, particularly in ladies outfit designing. To get detail info on that visit below link:

This course duration is 14 months starting from October to November and the next intake will be
starting in 2016 and the admission will start from September 2016. To get more detail visit the below link:

2.) Parasona the new school of designing (New York) :
Parsons is a style outline powerhouse, and they have turned out huge amounts of marquee name ability, especially in the most recent ten years. The school has cooperated with numerous retailers and partnerships (like LVMH) with the point of getting understudy work seen and investigated.

Course name: Fashion design (BFA)

Above mentioned course is the best to begin your professional study in fashion field to get brief knowledge and requirements about course detail click on above link.

3) Bunka fashion College (Tokyo Japan) :
Bunka College was established as a first dress designing school in Japan (Tokyo) in 1923 and this College has been playing the significant role in Japanese fashion up till now. College students simply can adapt in international fashion atmosphere because of its diverse course content. We have defined one course for all fashion interested people to start the carrier in this College.

This course covers superb aspects of women’s garment creation, fashion design, fashion technique, haute couture and much more.

This is one of the famous academies of fine arts in Belgium. It is situated in ANTWERP and it offers many short and long courses for an enthusiastic student so they can achieve their carrier goal.

To get the detail about all courses hit the above link.

This institute has been part of America’s fashion since 1944 and it has been continuously giving many fashion professionals to the fashion industry. It’s like a dream come true if you get admission in this institute. 

There are so many short-term and long-term courses available for students in FIT and you can select accordingly as per your choice.
To get each and every course detail visits  FIT WOMEN CLOTHING COURSE .

This institute commenced its operations in 1927 by the Chambre syndicale de la Haute in Paris. So far it has been giving advance technical training to highly-qualified personals in the field of ladies couture designing.

Once you complete your graduation in fashion designing, Try your level best to update your skill through ECOLE DE LA CHAMBRE SYNDICALE.

7) ISTITUTO MARANGONI (Milan, Italy--also London, Paris campuses) :
The real essence of fashion you can feel while studying in this institute. This College’s highly skilled fashion experts teach you the best fashion lesson that will be very important for you when you start your carrier on a professional level.

Fashion image and styling intensive 

This one year course aimed at those who are firm enough to approach the world of fashion in a professional manner. The course mainly focuses on analysis and research, brand personal identity, styling development, research methods.

8)  ESMOD (Paris, France) :
One of the oldest fashion College of France, It was established in 170 year ago and it has been continuously giving its prime contribution for France mod. Esmond offers many fashion courses that cover each and every aspect of fashion.
This program permits understudies to obtain magnificent specialized aptitude while at the same time creating and refining their innovative capacity. The course duration is up to 3 years in the first year students learn only fundaments of fashion it follows. In the second year, they only focus on techniques of designing, And the fashion internship starts in 3 rd year, to know more about course detail visit the college website. 

This university gives many opportunities to their student to work on a live project and that thing helps very much in building up confidence. And the self-believe is everything to start a successful carrier in the fashion industry. 

The BA (Hons) in fashion design course consists of fashion related techniques, all areas of 2D and 3D fashion practice, Design research, cut construction and much more to know more detail about this course visit the link above that will take you directly to the course info page. 

10) ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART (London, England) :
This college only offers one course in fashion designing but this College has achieved hi-class reputation is not only in London but around the world.
The primary aim of the Women's wear course is to unleash every student’s skilled assurance through the acquisition of a sound style methodology and rigorous analysis technique

For Part 2 Visit :

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